Parking Enforcement

Are your communities experiencing problems with unauthorized vehicles parked in Reserved Spaces, Fires Lanes, or Handicapped Spaces? Are there inoperable vehicles or boats and trailers parking in driveways or on the side of homes? Do tenants, residents, or visitors ignore the parking rules and regulations signs posted in your communities? If the answer is yes and you want something done about it, then give us a call.
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Rapid Return Services is an elite service that works with Home Owners Associations and Property Management Companies to solve and enforce the parking problems that arise in Residential and Commercial communities.

Enforcement of these rules and regulations is difficult work. Why put yourself on the front line? Our uniformed parking rangers will patrol your community with a list of your rules and regulations. When necessary, we will call for a local independent tow truck company to remove any offending vehicles. We will document every parking violation to safeguard against any subsequent disputes and to mitigate against any claims by vehicle owners that their vehicles were improperly cited or towed.

We Service:

  • Condo and Town Home Communities
  • Apartment Communities
  • Business Parks
  • Gated Communities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Special Events

We Specialize In:

  • Parking Enforcement
  • Community Watch Services

Our Parking Enforcement Services Include:

  • Enforcement of Home Owners Associations parking rules and regulations
  • We offer daily monitoring and after-hour parking enforcement monitoring
  • Provide patrols by foot and mobile
  • We issue warnings and citations for parking violations
  • We work with local towing companies to quickly remove illegally parked vehicles
  • We are proficient in the current towing laws and ordinances
  • We provide monthly activity reports for citations and towing
  • We offer negotiable and affordable fees